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Is it okay to be a little in love with Jack White? March 3, 2007

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Let’s face it, the man is a guitar god, there’s no denying that. But there’s something else that makes Jack White so attractive, and I just can’t put my finger on it.

No one is just okay with our dear Mr. Gillis, you either love him or you hate him. My boyfriend, for instance, is totally in love with the man and would probably murder a baby for a chance to meet him, whereas another one of my friends hates him and will begin to fuss if he even hears the first three seconds of a White Stripes song.

So here’s my question: What is it about Jack White that makes him so fascinating?

Theory #1: Stage Presence

Look at that ugly guitar.

Anyone who has seen the White Stripes will tell you that Jack White has amazing stage presence. My mother was actually friends with the White Stripes before they made it big, and she claimed from the first time she saw him perform that he was one of the most enigmatic musicians she had ever seen (since I was about 12 at the time, I didn’t really appreciate this). I actually had the pleasure of seeing him in concert this past November (Raconteurs/Bob Dylan. Oh yeah.), and I finally saw what she was talking about. In spite of the huge girly crush I have on Brendan Benson, I couldn’t take my eyes off Jack. He completely stole the show from the rest of the group. It was like he pouring his soul out onstage; it was all guts and raw emotion and I was completely entranced. This may have been when I fell a little in love with him.

Theory #2: Appearance

Jack White is no different from any number of popular musicians, he likes to change his look. But here’s the kicker, at least in my book, IT IS COMPLETELY RANDOM. One day he’ll look like Michael Jackson, the next a delta bluesman, and the next time you see him he might be wearing a bunny suit for all you know. For example:

awwwwww EEEE

Cute / Horrifying

I think it’s this total fucking randomness that makes people want to pay attention to him. Is he gonna look normal today? Will he be dressed like a matador? Will he have shaved his head?! It’s anyone’s guess!


Theory #3: He’s Totally Insane


This kind of ties in with my last theory, but that doesn’t make it any less true. For chrissake, the man is using a MARIMBA in most of his recordings today. He beat the bejeezus out of that dude from the Von Bondies, and he got married at the merging of three rivers in Brazil (I kid you not). He’s completely off his rocker and he’d probably punch you soon as look at ya. But there’s nothing Americans (nay, humans in general!) love more than an amusingly insane person.


So there you go. I love Jack White.


Listen To These: Hand Springs (White Stripes), Level (Raconteurs), Death Letter (White Stripes)



6 Responses to “Is it okay to be a little in love with Jack White?”

  1. brak Says:

    the horrifying picture is bound to give me nightmares of the epic douche-stash proportion.

  2. Bramsey Says:


  3. Dylan Says:

    Yea, and so does your boyfriend.


    I like it Ivy. I’m gonna watch that Killers video right after this.

    One day when you’re a huge journalist at “Rolling Stone” and Anger Core is making a few million dollors a minute we’ll let you have the interview.

    ‘Cus I love you that much,

  4. …butbutbut…under the mustache…like, right under that sucker, he’s still got the same sort of “cute face” on…just with some hair on it…

    The man is a maniac, I agree.

  5. dylan555 Says:

    It’s totally fine. And in the “horrifying” picutre I think he’s trying to be Bob Dylan being Vincent Price. My wife is concerned about my obsession with the man too!

  6. Ezekial Says:

    Maybe its the mystery. Little is actually known about him, he doesn’t reveal much about himself in the few interviews he’s had, he doesn’t believe that his personal life is relavent to his art, a choice which i think we all can respect. Some things that are known about him are things like his belief that black, white, and red are the most powerful colors in the universe, he grew up listening to the likes of Son House and he was married to Meg but called her his sister. We can’t relate to him, which makes him stand out because his is unique in that sense. He is Jack White, guitar god and not much else identifys him because he doesn’t let much if anything else identify him. The less we know, the more we care. Mystery in the Age of Information equals authenticity. Thats one reason why I love him.

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