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What the hell happened to The Killers? March 5, 2007

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I used to be pretty obsessed with The Killers about two years ago. Not only was I totally in love with Brandon Flowers (For example, this was a pretty common scene: Picture me standing in the music section of a Target. Across the aisle in the television section, a Killers video begins to play. Me: “OH MY GOD BRANDON FLOWERS!”. I would then run over to the TVs and press my face against the screen going “AUGH MARRY ME”. Yeah, I suck.), but I also liked their polished, new-wavey sound, and their slightly-creepy lyrics. It was all sex and murder and glitter and I totally dug it. In spite of my friends’ exasperation with my Killers obsession, I listened to them pretty much all the time. “Mr. Brightside” was the soundtrack to my life for about three months straight.

When I heard they were releasing a new album, I did a little mini-freakout thing. About a year after hearing the news, us members of The Killers fan mailing list got to hear a little clip of what was to be their new single, “When You Were Young”. Eagerly, I waited for the quicktime file to load, practically salivating with excitement. But when the music began to play, I panicked. Surely this was some mistake! What was this quasi-classic-rock blaring from my speakers? And what had happened to Brandon Flowers slick, lovely voice (which I often proclaimed that I wanted to “totally make out with”)? What is this wavering, strained, high-pitched girly-man doing acting like my one true love?

It was then that I saw the pictures. Apparently, The Killers had pulled a Jack White on me and were going to start dressing like they had recently escaped from a psych ward. Worst of all was THE MUSTACHE. What the hell is with the mustache!?



This newfound insanity has completely destroyed my love for The Killers. I was doing my best to avoid watching anything associated with them (to avoid certain heartbreak), but the other night when suffering from one of my trademark bouts of insomnia, I saw their newest video for “Read My Mind”. This video has pretty much sealed the deal for me, that’s right, you heard it here first:


The video takes place in Tokyo, following this new “JAPAN IS WEIRD!” trend that you see in videos and movies these days. Yeah, yeah, Japan is a strange place. I studied Japanese for seven years, and I learned this firsthand from a Japanese friend. It’s a bizarre place, we get it. Sofia Coppola pounded it into our soft heads with Lost In Translation. I would totally write this video off as just lame, trend-following crap, except that because it’s The Killers, and because The Killers have lost their minds, this one has the added bonus of a few completely insane elements, such as the huge green monster that the drummer seems to be creepily attached to, the fact that Brandon Flowers is dressed like Colonel Sanders, and the part where the (stubbly, manly) guitarist is dressed like a Geisha (complete with wig).

Oh god, I can’t write about this anymore. It’s killing me (no pun intended). Watch the damn video and see for yourself.



42 Responses to “What the hell happened to The Killers?”

  1. SuperApe Says:

    My blog’s electronic ears starting getting hot when you mentioned it here, so I thought I’d check out what TOY PIANO was.

    Yeah, the video presents an accurate view of Tokyo — noodle shop, monster costume, weird old guy dancing on the street. Yes, the place is different and wishing to share it with people is not usually such a heinous crime to me. In this video’s case, though, a theme seems to be “youth,” (bicycles, kids, energetic old guy, etc.) and displaying Tokyo’s “oh-my-god-capsule-hotels” weirdness seems tacked on and unsuitable. Perhaps there was some studio pressure on the director. Or he is just dumb.

    In either case, when I heard the new Killers CD, I wondered whether or not you would like it. Too much like Bruce Springsteen. That’s a shame. Do you still like their older music? Or has it been completely spoiled by the mustache?

  2. Mick Says:

    Hey, I’d just like to say thanks for putting us at RHPro on your Blogroll, much appreciated. I’m adding you to ours as we speak.

    Cheers, and check out my latest post. 🙂

  3. kylie Says:

    i love his moustache. if you liked him without the moustache you were obviously one of the rest, who loves ‘totally cute preppay boyz’
    their new wave is brilliant and so was their old.
    I myself am obsessed with The Killers and I am a true fan which has stuck with them through the whole journey. I seriously love them. they make me cry, dance, laugh, sing, scream and what not. i truly love brandon flowers, too.
    the killers rock, have rocked and will forever rock.

  4. helen Says:

    omg! i am so glad someone in the world agrees with me! i used to be in LOVE with the killers until their sophomore album (which i still bought). i like the new wave sound they brought to the main stream but what i don’t understand is why brandon flowers would go on and cause little fights with other bands because brandon said he led the way to a new genre of music but then he turned into this Sam’s Town archaic tone of voice. Who sings like that anymore? We’re no longer in the record era but the mp3 era, so i wish brandon would just understand that :[. i still have faith that they can come back with third album (hopefully) and regain my confidence in them but until then, i would have to agree with you. they do suck. [that was hard to admit]!

  5. alex barton Says:

    you’re mom suckz the killers do not suck i just went to their concert and they’re the best band ever if you were a true killers fan you wouldn’t be talking crap about them go do something useful in you’re life instead of saying dumb stuff! retards!

  6. alex barton Says:

    and by the way i agree with what Kylie says she should be my best friend because i too love Brandon flowers’s mustache

  7. leigh Says:

    how the hell can you say that the killers suck i have seen them at glastonbury, t in the park, and v festival this year and am going to see them in australia in november they are the greatest band on earth every gr8 band change their look brandon is the coolest rock star on earth and i think he luks even cooler with the moustache the killer will be here 4eva

  8. ivyisarobot Says:

    WOW, this is a really intelligent discussion we have going here.
    I’m so glad that my personal opinion has prompted so many mis-spellings and vehement accusations as to my fandom or “true love” for Brandon Flowers.
    You guys should probably take a nap or something if thinking about what one person’s opinion of The Killers gets you so worked up. Get a hobby.

  9. koonah Says:

    i totally agree with you. maybe they don’t suck, but their music has definitely weakened. and who says that in order to be a true killers fan, you must adore each and every single note they sing?

  10. i dono what you hear Says:

    but my fascination with The Killers has only grown as they have released their new songs. Yes, I will admit the focus of my love has changed. Originally it was more of a sex thing and I wanted to make love to his voice on the Hot Fuss CD and the songs just kinda brought out the sexy part of you BUT BUT BUT… I love their originality, and honestly… his voice now just hypnotizes me. I think they are amazing. Each to his own, but still… people should appreciate how much has gone into making The Killers ORIGINAL. There are too many artists making it big on one single that is the best out of the ones that sound almost but not exactly… the same. HATS OF TO THE KILLERS FOR KEEPING IT REAL…. *and fuck all the rest… well Fucking Brandon Flowers is on the top of my wish list this christmas*

  11. Candace Says:

    I think the issue here is no whether or not they “suck” but what type of music people like. There’s no doubt they’ve changed musically but I think they’ve changed for the better. I find it sad that because they dress differently and people think that Brandon is slightly less “gorgeous” than he was before that they’re experiencing such an intense backlash from “fans.” I like Sam’s Town more than Hot Fuss because it feels like a cohesive album rather than a collection of songs. Sure it sounds different but all those changes are what I perceive as growth.

    I also think we’re forgetting that when they’re first album came out they’d only been together for two years. It’s pretty safe to assume that the Killers everyone had fallen in love with wasn’t the Killers in their truest form – they hadn’t grown into the band they would eventually be or have the sound they’d eventually keep.

    All I’m saying is you have to put a few things into perspective before you flat out say that they suck.

  12. helen Says:

    omg r u me 😛 that so sounds EXACTLY like me except when you get to the bit about hateing them i love the killer and brandon flowers moustache or no moustache and i his voice is still just as perfect as before but i still think he looked better before but i still love the moustache i wouldnt care which way he went lol and about the music i like ill always love it and i dont care if they change slightly they are still as good as they ever were 😀 xxx

  13. helen Says:

    brandon in a box would be the best christmas present ever……

  14. helen Says:

    by the way im a different helen from the one at the top i left these last three messages lol 😛

  15. john Says:

    dude they do suck now just bones come on get real, they mess up so bad i wish they sticked to their old style.

  16. Zia Says:

    i think most bands change their style after every record or else all their music would sound the same….also u dont expect to sing about heartbreak on every record do you i mean there in their 30’s now. maybe they grew out of “sex, murder, and glitter’ bc that act gets old quick

  17. fucku Says:

    ….your gay….go fuck yourself.

  18. rob Says:

    i like the new cd sawdust. i really like “under the gun” its one of there best songs.

  19. Jon Says:

    The Killers have some of the gayest music I have ever heard in my entire life .Why are todays bands so Gay Lame & boring???.Something in the water supply 30 years ago that put homo genes in the youth of America maybe????

  20. Megan Says:

    Omg! The Killers are like one of the best bands ever! I went to see them during the summer and they were brill! And brandon is the best looking thing ever! I love there new style and there old one! And brandon looks hot with a moustache or not!

  21. Fiona Says:

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! I actually searched up “Why do all the recent The Killers songs suck?” on and found you! You are a genius! I love the song Mr. Brightside, my favorite by them. I used to be OBSESSED with them (well not as much as you but you get the point lol haha), and the second When We Were Young and Read My Mind came out I was like WTF THIS SUCKS?! THIS CAN NOT BE THE KILLERS! Sure enough, I looked it up and it really was the Killers, shamefully. Then when their next new song, Human, came out I was thinking “PLEASE MAKE A COME BACK PLEASE!!!” and I heard it and it saddened me, even though it was BETTER THAN WHEN WE WERE YOUNG AND READ MY MIND, it still absolutly SUCKED.
    so anyways, you completely made my point!
    thank you, love!

  22. Megan Says:

    Omg Love Spaceman!

  23. Jen Says:

    I want the old Killers back, I still have hope though, and so should you! I do not want to give up yet!

  24. Philly killer fan Says:

    I don’t think the killers suck and I don’t think it makes you less of a fan to be critical of a band you have previously admired I mean shit most of us spent money or time listening to the killers or purchasing their albums so we are all entitled to our opinions! However how can you say you really love the killers when alot of you don’t even sound like you listened to the new sound subjectively neways most of you sound like teeny boppers, who cares if your attracted to the dude or not! It’s supposed to be about the music

  25. i just happened on your blog after just googling “what happened to the killers?”

    funny that. your blog was the first link.

    i enjoyed the killers first album a great deal. i was sorely disappointed w/ the 2nd that i received for a birthday present. i then received their 3rd album as another b-day present. again, the growing disappointment i felt.

    it could be flowers’ desire to feed his ego by redefining himself at the cost of good material by stabbing in the dark for the cutting edge and thereby be at the forefront. or it’s just that their new producer(s) and self producing attempts just don’t produce that smashing potion they once created.

    i’ll admit, i was in a band in the late 90s called GREYTOWN that was doing material of a similar nature but we were either way to early OR insanely late (i like to think the former ; ) ) and when the killers came out with a hit album, i was glad it was them. the cinematics, the bravery and the brothers martin are my other fixes outside of the usual staples e.g. new order, dm, the cure, icicle works, men at work, siouxsie and the banshees, U2 (early U2 that is), big country, howard jones, and so many more…

    i’m sorry for your loss ivy. i’m still pulling for the killers though. maybe the next one.

  26. Tom Says:

    It’s called genre change douchebag!!! Thier debute album ‘hot fuss’ was seen as in tune with the time and what the people wnted, not what was planned for their whole career, the album ‘Sams Town’ was different beacuse it was done how The Killers wanted it done, Hard Rocking, individual and vegas influenced. As all good killers fans will know, The Killers formed in vegas thus see it as thier home, Sams Town being named after one of the most famous casinos in vegas, they chose to make the album into a homage to Vegas and everything it stands for! Unfortunetly their newest album ‘Day and Age’ is is somewhat, back to the basics and in mind is a huge let down on the killers behalf.

    When I was faced by the title of yor article drawing ones eyes I was of the opinion you would be refering to the new album, thus drawing me in. I was sadly mistaken, to my surprise you were in fact talking about one of the best known albums known to man…

    Well, at least I can take solace in the fact that at least someone likes the new album and it won’t be fully condemned to the list of worldsworst albums in everyones minds!

    Hop this mindless rant didn’t offend you, I just like a good rant ;).

  27. George Says:

    The Killers suck. They are amateur musicians and are just another ‘flavour-of-the-month’ band. I guarantee you that they will cease to exist in a couple of years once their 15 minutes are up.

  28. Anthony Says:

    What is the deal with all you people saying that’s the so gay do you even know that there are homos who really don’t want to hear you replace gay for stupid. I just wish you all would stop and think.

  29. Anthony Says:

    By the way to get back to the killers ya they do stink. They seem like they’re sellouts now.

  30. Tim Says:

    Hot Fuss=Classic album
    Every album after=raping their fan-base for money who pay in the hope of actually get another album like their first

  31. someone Says:

    The Killers are only human, they can’t impress everyone forever. I don’t see how you could hate The Killers for changing their musical direction and When You Were Young is a great song if you ask me. Sure, their first album had all the best singles but they have stayed afloat unlike most bands.

  32. someone Says:

    Oh and their first album was so great because they wrote those songs without the pressure of a recording contract. It is much easier to produce great songs when there are no record executives breathing down your throat. I’d like to see you write unique and classic hit rock songs at the request of your fanbase. Do you think that “Mr Brightside” and “Smile Like You Mean It” just come off of some conveyor belt that Brandon Flowers has set up in his Las Vegas lounge room or something? Uh uhh, those songs were pure genius from someone who was not under pressure to succeed commercially. And if you are basing your hatred for The Killers on Brandon Flowers singing in a higher key and a moustache than you truly are shallow.

  33. FAKT Says:

    LOL! I stumbled across this…My two brothers and myself absolutely LOVE Hot Fuss. It’s one of the best rock albums in the past 10 years, easily…But, man, oh, man. What the fuck happened?! Their new stuff is sooooooo, so boring. It has NONE of the soul that Hot Fuss is bubbling over with.

    And to the clown saying he/she is a TRUE fan because they like EVERYTHING they do, what the fuck kind of weak-minded nonsense is THAT?! So if they put out an avant garde album with nothing but burps and transistor noises, you’ll be swearing that it’s the greatest thing on earth, huh? Fuck that…

    The Killers are wack now because they are TRYING to be the Boss or Elton John instead of just BEING The Killers. I just can’t believe how BAD their new albums are. I mean, BAAAAAD. I’m not digging a single new song of theirs. I MILDLY enjoy Spaceman but even that’s not CLOSE to Hot Fuss quality…

    But at least we have Hot Fuss to listen to! I’ll ALWAYS treasure that album…

  34. Christian Says:

    Yeah I know this is way after the fact, but the Killers are terrible now. Hot Fuss was great, but there new songs (Human) sound like gay club rave shit. Absolutely terrible!

  35. TNF Says:

    Many of you need to calm down, stop spamming the author of the article with shitty spelling and grammar (I swear if someone tells me it’s spelled “grammer” I’ll punch a fucking cow!).

    The Killers are an overrated band who has only had ONE GOOD album. Every other one was terrible, people got way too attached to Hot Fuss and are in love with the singer. Therefore, despite the fact all of their recent production sucked they are a good band, right? Wrong.

    What makes me laugh if the fact that half of their fanbase think’s that they are of British nationality.

  36. Jim Says:

    I really couldn’t disagree more.

    My main gripe with this post is that you offer absolutely no valid criticism. You say that the Sam’s Town sound is recycled and archaic – like the Hot Fuss sound wasn’t? I like the Killers , but they’ve never been musical pioneers

  37. Jim Says:

    [Apologies; my computer glitched up and sent out that last post prematurely.]

    I really couldn’t disagree more.

    My main gripe with this post is that you offer absolutely no valid criticism; you don’t give a single good reason why their “new sound” sucks other than “I don’t like this Springsteen crap, give me more New Wave!” You’re confusing “I don’t like this style of music” with “This music sucks.” The Killers are moving in the direction they want to and making the music they want to produce; they have no obligation to pigeonhole themselves and only produce music in the style of Hot Fuss.

    Your only real point is that the Sam’s Town sound is recycled and archaic, but you overlook that Hot Fuss was, as well. I like the Killers quite a bit, but they’ve never been musical pioneers. Hot Fuss was modern alternative rock with the glossy sheen of 80s pop; it was exceptionally well-made, but there was absolutely nothing innovative or original about it.

    (For the record, I’m not one of those crazy fans who thinks that the sun shines out of Brandon Flowers’ asshole; his solo album is pretty awful, as are many of the songs on Sawdust.)

  38. McJones Says:

    Just came across this blog after googling “what happened to The Killers.” Its sad to see a band with a smashing debut album lose the majority of their fans when they try to push in a new direction. Granted their sophomore album wasn’t produced nearly as well as the first, it still deserves some recognition as it managed to sell a fair ammount of copies and had a few decent tracks. The Killers aren’t “crap” now that they’ve stopped churning out summer anthems and hits, they’ve progressed to a different, maybe less teen friendly, genre.

  39. gabe Says:

    I agree with the post. The first album was great! I love almost every song. I threw away “sawdust” in the trash after about a year of trying to listen to it. his vocals are so annoying now.

  40. HotFussFan Says:

    All the best to the killers – they made Hot Fuss (I think). The drummer is still great. They are trying to do something different, but they are having a hard time keeping my attention – I just can’t listen to any of their new songs. I also came to this discussion when I googled “what happened to the killers”. Even if they took a turn musically, the lyrics on the new songs strike me as really under-crafted, not as tight or evocative as the ones on hot fuss. Who really wrote the songs on Hot Fuss? I’m left scratching my head. I listened to their latest song and thought “I ran screaming from this stuff in the ’80s. Are they trying to be funny?”. Are they trying a re-do music that most music fans knew or came to realize was just bland advertising for bits of plastic? No, they are not pioneers, but they have failed in recycling any other style of music into something listenable other than the style featured on Hot Fuss. I certainly wish them the best, they are making music and that’s cool with me, I guess I’ll catch up with them when they hit the nail on the head again. In the meantime, I’m putting my hope aside.

  41. robert Says:

    Cant agree with you more….listening to hot fuss right now…its the only one your gonna get… I don’t understand why so many women are writing about Brandon Flowers… He’s been gay before hes still gay now…good luck but improper plumbing me thinks…

  42. Wow, I am late to the party of this 12 year old rant… I am on the opposite end. I hated the Killers until Sam’s Town, and then I really loved that album. But then I grew to dislike them again . Honestly, their first album was dreadful. Singing in a faux British accent. The music sounded like gushed up jigaboo noise. I am grown up now (40 years old) and the music I liked in my 20s is no longer that great, IMO. But I did enjoy the Sam’s Town. To me it brings back sweet memories and the songs were so real and flavorful. It was very original and authentic. Their first album would not make me a fan. So I feel the opposite of everyone here.

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