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SO UNFAIR. May 6, 2007

Filed under: shows,white stripes — ivynoelle @ 4:52 am

So, I was recently informed that THE WHITE STRIPES were coming to the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, DE (I live about 30 minutes outside of the city). Needless to say, I was stoked: not only are the White Stripes tied in the much-coveted “Ivy’s Favorite Band” spot, but they were coming to WILMINGTON, the freaking city I grew up in! No one ever comes to Wilmington! What the hell!

So, I find out that tickets go on sale Saturday May 5th at 10 am. No problem, right? Okay, little problem- you can only get them by going to or calling the Opera House’s box office. That’s right, NO online ticket sales WHATSOEVER. Still, I thought to myself, that shouldn’t be too hard, I’ll just start calling a little early.

So I call. and call. and call. The number was busy from 9:50 am to 11:05 am, when I finally got through only to have a man curtly tell me that the show was…


Okay, now I say “what the fuck” a lot, but seriously WHAT THE FUCK. They had only TWO phone lines you could call to get these tickets. TWO! For a fucking White Stripes show! Were they not expecting much in the way of interest or something?!

I’m sorry, I just find it a little unfair that in spite of me calling literally NON-STOP from ten minutes before they even went on sale, I still couldn’t get a ticket.

In short, the Grand Opera House is now re-named the Grand LAMEASS.


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